Empowering women globally, enabling alignment of actions, thoughts, and emotions with internal values, standards and vision by fostering self-discovery and self-awareness. Our mission is to facilitate better decision-making, leading to personal growth and transformative outcomes.

At Temple Alignment Global, we believe you are your temple, you are where you reside and true harmony begins from within. By fostering self-awareness and self-discovery, we empower women to gain a deep understanding of themselves, their values, and their aspirations. Through this process, they can consciously align their choices with their internal standards, leading to a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Our global community is built on the principles of empowerment, personal growth, and self-compassion. We provide a supportive and nurturing space where women can explore their inner landscape, discover their strengths, and embrace their unique journey of self-development. Through our workshops, coaching sessions, and resources, we equip women with the tools and insights to make conscious decisions that reflect their true desires and aspirations. We believe that when women align their actions with their internal standards, they unlock their true potential, create a positive impact in their lives, and inspire others to do the same. Join us at Temple Alignment Global as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, let's create harmony from within and embrace a life of authenticity, growth, and fulfillment.

Welcome to the Temple Alignment Global Community!

Key Features
Temple Alignment Global seeks to achieve the following:

Promote Self-Awareness: We facilitate self-discovery and reflection to help women gain a deep understanding of their values, strengths, and aspirations. Through this process, they can become more self-aware and in touch with their authentic selves.

Develop Personal Standards:
We encourage women to define their own standards, based on their values, beliefs, and aspirations. By setting personal standards, they gain a clear framework for decision-making and guide their actions, thoughts, and emotions.

Encourage Empowered Decision-Making: We support women in making informed decisions that align with their value system and personal standards. By empowering them to say "no" to situations that do not resonate with their authentic selves, they can cultivate a sense of self and make choices that contribute to their personal growth and well-being.

Foster Alignment and Growth: We strive to foster a sense of alignment between a woman's actions, thoughts, emotions, and her internal values. This alignment promotes personal growth, resilience, and a greater sense of fulfillment. 

Youth Empowerment WorkShops

Empowering the Next Generation for Success! Our Youth Empowerment Workshop is designed to equip young individuals with the tools, mindset, and skills they need to navigate the challenges of adolescence and thrive in today's rapidly changing world. This program is facilitated through school collaborations. Schedule your free consultation today!

Temple Alignment Workshops

Unlock Your Inner Potential and Live in Harmony! The Temple Alignment Workshop offers a transformative journey for individuals seeking self-awareness, personal growth, and alignment with their authentic selves. Led by Shaneca Gourzong-Ferguson, an experienced temple alignment coach and workshop facilitator, this empowering workshop invites participants to embark on a profound exploration of their values, actions, thoughts, and emotions. Book your free consultation today!

Temple Alignment Coaching

This program provides a supportive and nurturing space where you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through guided exercises, discussions, and practical tools, Shaneca Gourzong-Ferguson will inspire and guide you to align your life with your authentic self, leading to greater fulfillment, purpose, and personal growth. Embrace the opportunity to create lasting positive change and live a life of alignment and harmony. Schedule your free consultation today!

Temple Alignment Academy

Learn to Align your Temple with this 6 step Self-Awareness Guide. Coming soon!

Speaking Engagements

Presentations are tailored to suit your needs in accordance with our mission. Contact us today for more information!


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